TMI- Constipation relief but embarrassment to new heights!!!


Ok, so ive been experiencing pregnancy constipation and my ob recommended me a laxative to take to help.... well, i ate food and was sitting on the bed while my fiance is showering and suddenlyyyy it hit me that i needed to go so bad that if i didnt get to the toilet i wouldve went on myself. So i burst into the bathroom screaming bloody hell to him that he had to get out the shower and leave the bathroom and he said you better not have to poop and i yelled back that there was no way for me to hold it and he said im running late to work just go!!! SO, i had to sit on the toilet and unleash hell with him in the bathroom with me...... i think we have reached a new level in our relationship and im officially beyond embarassed i told him dont make eye contact with me when he is out the bathroom 🤦🏽‍♀️