will i ever be able to function again


I was sexaully assaulted by 2 guys 3 years ago (my freshman year of highschool) on the bleachers of our gym in front of hundreds of people who did NOTHING. They took turns holding me down so the other one could cop a feel. Then one of them left and i was alone with the other one who proceeded to wrap his hand around my throat. This wasnt the first time it had happened, for the past 6 months prior the guy that left earlier had been forcing me up against a wall, fingering me, forcing me to give him a hand job, and kissing my boobs (this happened almost everyday for 6 months). Now i have been diagnosed with PTSD and it is ruining my life. I struggle with victim guilt feeling that i ruined their lives and despite one of them confessing and video evidence and eyewitness accounts i'm in a constant state of denial. One of the guys had told be he had cannibalistic thoughts so now i am in constant fear for my life and people are telling me to get over it and i wish i could but i cant function at all in normal situations, much less romantic situations. Does it really get better?