Pros and cons (vaccinations)

Tiffany • 💕Mommy 06/13/18 ❤️ baby #2 due March 2020! taken 10/28/16😍 boy momma🥰 C-section momma💪🏻

First I want to say this is not a post to start any arguments or to cause an uproar, I’ve chosen to completely delay all vaccinations until after my son is at least a year old so I can gather as much information as possible on why I should or should not vaccinate my sweet boy, so anyone with any information or any one who can direct me in the way of gathering that information or anyone has chosen not to vaccinate what was your experience? If you have chosen to vaccinate what was your experience? I’m a first time mom just trying to make the right choices for my son and my family but want to be completely informed no matter my choice. Thank you for all of your help.