Mother In Law With Her Rude Comments 😡🤬


So me and my husband lost our first baby at 15 weeks in April. Now we are 9 weeks and have only told our parents and close friends. His mother’s reaction to this news :

“Well maybe since your losing weight you won’t have any complications this time.” BITCH WHAT?! I’ve been nothing but nice to this woman and involved her in EVERYTHING for our wedding and anything else but she always has little remarks here and there. Btw she had gastric bypass surgery in 2016 and looks amazing now, but was a big lady beforehand. I always complimented her on how great she was looking and how cute her new clothes were and she would say “I’m sure they have your size” So why does she think it’s okay to put me down when she’s been there?! Also I’m perfectly healthy. Blood pressure and all. Just Fat. 🙄 I have a 4 yr old and my pregnancy with her was a piece of cake with no complications and I’ve never been a small girl. I just can’t believe she took it that far and basically said I lost my last baby bc I’m fat. My husband just sits there and never stands up for me and after that comment I blew up! He says next time he is going to say something but I’m still so pissed that she would even go there. Am I wrong?!