Can’t control my vagina

Honestly I’m such a mess , because I’m a Muslim I’m not meant to have sex till marriage but i honestly feel like that’s impossible cos of my constant sexual frustration ?? So I’m just at least tryna not have sex until I’m in a stable trusting relationship but I just feel like that’s too difficult. I’ve had experiences in the past where my vagina just takes control like I met a guy and one thing led to another and gave a bj to a random guy I never saw again absol no regrets and this was a while ago and I’ve been trying to keep my sex drive lower which I have done well but it’s been acting up again And the other week I met this guy on holiday who I really really fancied and we made out and he asked me to go back to his hotel and it honestly took everything in me to say no like I really really wanted to just have sex with him right then and even now I’m looking back and I’m like wowo I would’ve loved to have sex with him. And now I’m about to start university and I’m worried about controlling my sexual frustration because give me a week and I would’ve slept with 5 guys cos I can’t control my vagina. Nothing wrong with sleeping about it’s just not something I would want to do personally. Any advice on how to control sexual frustration other than masturbation cos that doesn’t help