Scared to death


Sooo my last period was in July I was supposed to start the 15th and didn't start till the 26th making it 12 days late but still had a period and mine normally last 7 days and this one only lasted 5 and was lighter than I'm used to, well August rolls around I was supposed to start the 27th according to <a href="">glow app</a> and here I am almost through September and still have not started I have had cramps making me think I'm starting and then NOTHING HAPPENS I've taken 3 test all negative so I called today and set up an appointment with my OBGYN to see what's going on I'm bloated and look like I have a baby bump and I'm noticing acne on my chin and my face looks fuller like I've gained weight and my shirts and jeans are fitting different my jeans for sure are to tight and normally they are a little big and i have to wear a belt,

The first appointment they had wasn't until the second of oct. So I'm having to wait but it's killing me cause I'm scared something is wrong I doubt I'm pregnant since it hasn't shown up on a test and I'm 23 days late today but Lord it's driving me INSANE having to wait to know if something is wrong with me I have no pregnancy symptoms and have never had an abnormal pap or any history of cysts! If I wasn't stressed before I am for sure now! Pics of my belly below