Annoyed...people kissing my baby

Hali • 23, married, happy with life. Navy wife ⚓ mommy to a little boy 🥰

WHY DOES EVERYONE KISS MY CHILD ON THE FACE WHEN I SPECIFICALLY ASKED THEM NOT TO. it's seriously driving me nuts. HE COULD GET SICK! People get all offended and say I'm being overprotective but he's just now a week old and has yet to receive his vaccines PLEASE DO NOT KISS MY CHILD ON THE FACE/HANDS. PLEASE!

I seriously feel so disrespected and like they're brushing me off as overprotective but the DR.S AT THE HOSPITAL TOLD ME TO ENFORCE THE NO KISSING OF THE FACE/HANDS BEFORE DISCHARGING US. FLU SEASON IS COMING AND I WANT MY LITTLE BOY SAFE AND HEALTHY. WHY WONT ANYONE TAKE ME SERIOUSLY?! It makes me want to deny visitors from now on. Please, just respect my wishes as his mother. Is it that hard to kiss the top of his head? WHY DO THEY ALWAYS GO FOR THE FACE OR HANDS?!

Rant over.

Here's a picture of my sweet little boy, Everest Grey 😍