Is this labor, false alarm?? FTM very confused


Ahh. So a week ago I was just over 1cm, had a sweep.... nada! Three days later I went to talk to dr about leaking, nope, lots of discharge, and I THINK she did another sweep because I went home and bled most of the day... it subsided to spotting, I lost my plug and spotted for the following day and a half. Yada yada...

So NOW, today I’ve had what I thought was baby sticking her little rump out, no pain, just a little tight about 6min a part and lasting just over a minute... false alarm? AND THEN... I figured maybe I’ll bounce on the ball a bit and see if that causes anything stronger... Uh well, I didn’t bounce for even 5 minutes and the moment I stood up BAM, lots of pain and pressure, almost felt like I was gonna pee myself, I couldn’t fully stand all the way... now anytime the right belly starts the “period” cramps are slightly worse. What is going on 😭😳

Was that an “actual” contraction?! I have no idea what to think! When I time the belly tightenings now they’re about the same... 6ish min, just over a min, just the “period” cramps are stronger now. Heeeelllp