Headaches :( suggestions please :/.

I experience headaches every single day and it’s gotten to the point to where it’s just exhausting and to keep taking all these pills to make it go away is not good either. Half of the time they don’t even help. I feel as if I’m just becoming immune to them now. I just feel as if I have a constant headache some days are better than others and I won’t have one for hours but it’ll always appear some time or another. I’ve dealt with this for actually many years and could never figure out why. I’ve gone to the doctor numerous times before and I’m told the same things over and over.

“Drink enough water” “get enough sleep” the same old same old. I’ve changed my whole lifestyle around to not have these headaches anymore. But nothing seems to ever work. It’s gotten to the point I can’t even put my hair up anymore because it’s an instant headache. And I know I could be overthinking but I’m starting to think it could be something more serious maybe.? Just would love some opinions or suggestions please ❤️