Anal Sex

Ok I have never been one for anal sex, I always found it to hurt. My husband of 10 years has really wanted to do it because he knows I’ve never done it. So I googled and an article popped up saying how if it hurts your doing something wrong. Don’t try to rush it in or let him jab it in. Lube it up really good and try to slowly easy it in but relax and take your time. Well after reading the whole article I really wanted to try it. So we used a condom and lubed it up and guess what it didn’t hurt at all. I took my time and eased it in and I have to say it felt amazing. So now when we have sex I want to stick it in back there and we have been doing fine with it till tonight. I stuck it in and I mean I rode him deep this time and like always I get off fast in that hole. Well my husband goes to take the condom off and stick it it my other sweet spot and I smell poop!!! I have never smelt that before like that, I know I didn’t poop on myself but it was so bad smelling that I had to get him to go into another room to finish. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so what can I do about it. I am really enjoying exploring this area but I don’t thank I can if it’s going to always stink.