Pregnant on birth control


Hi. I wanted to post a little warning to everyone! Last month, I got pregnant while taking Microgestin. I never missed a pill. The only thing I think I may have done wrong was that I took it before bed (instead of at the exact same time every day), so my timing varied by up to 3 hours depending on when I went to sleep.

I never knew the importance of taking it at the EXACT same time or that a few hours could make such a difference. I always assumed since I didn’t miss a pill I’d be fine.

My pregnancy ended up being ectopic near my ovary and I’m thinking there may be a correlation between this and the fact that I was on birth control when I got pregnant. I could be wrong, but I have no risk factors for ectopic and have not had one before (this was my 4th pregnancy).

Anyway, I figured I’d post this to give others a heads up because if I didn’t know this could happen I’m sure I can’t be the only one!