I’m obsessed😦

I am so obsessed that sperm is everywhere. I think of it everytime i use a public toilet, everytime i talk to a guy by my hands, and everytime i sit somewhere. Just today, i was at driving school, and was my first time driving the car, and after 1 hour i did a hand shake with a guy-friend. After 10 minutes, i arrived home, and went to the toilet and i touched my vagina to see if the pimple was gone( i had a pimple near my vaginal opening so i was searching for it) and for a moment I TOTALLY FORGOT that i didnt wash my hands since i came home cause i needed the toilet so bad i forgot. Igot so paranoid i got some sperm somehow in my hands from a guy being on that same car previously, and then touched my vagina and gave it a chance to get me pregnant..and just saw that today was supposed to be 1 day after my ovulation-prediction. Is it norma to be this obsessed? What can or what should i do?