My mom's cuckoo

Cassandra • ❣ 33, Mommy to our very first miracle baby ❣.. 💙 Tristian~March 4, 2019 💙

Anyone else have a crazy mother/family member that is predicting gender based on craziness? Not even an old wives tale, just something she made up! Lmao. So my mom is hellbent saying we are having a girl.. Her reasoning? I'm due in 2019.. I will turn 32 at that time (after baby comes tho)... And 14+16+2=32... So with her math, it's a girl 😂😂 explanation: the numbers are the dates of mine & my two sisters bdays. So since they add up to my age next year, I'm due next year, n we're all girls, it's a girl.. According to my crazy mother 😂🤣 she cracks me up!

Due March 19, 2019