What to do?!?!?


Okay so me and this girl have known each other almost our whole lives but we didn't actually start talking and becoming friends til abt 8/9 yrs well since we've had an on and off friendship I guess u can call it that where were the best of friends then she'll eventually get tired o guess of me or something and back away then we wind up fighting bc she always seems to get mad at the littlest things so then we stop talking for alil bit then she eventually comes back around well anyways fast forward to now we were close we talked like everyday hung out as much as we could she's been like that since I had my baby almost 6 months ago well then she kept saying we should get pregnant together bc I told her I was ready to have another one well that was all well she just found out she's pregnant (she already has 5 kids) so she texted me with a pic of the test and told me u need to get pregnant now well anyways she told me nobody knew she was pregnant but me and some of her family and she wasn't even going to put it on fb well this was a couple weeks ago well now we hardly ever talk and now she put on fb abt her being pregnant and everyone knows well I mentioned about coming too see her sometime this week and she told me she was gonna be busy she'd let me know well I haven't heard anything from her then I see her post all over fb tagging this other girl in stuff when she never has before I feel like she's jus basically moved on from our friendship and now talking a lot to this other girl I dont care who she talks to but now she's not even talking to me I have to text first and sometimes it takes her a day sometimes to even text back or she'll read it and not text back am I over reacting or should I just move on??