Period & pregnancy

Sooo this was our last cycle TTC. A week or 2 before my period I started experiencing sore breast, nausea, fatigue. All of that good stuff. I didn’t think anything of it. I knew it would go away by the time my period came. I had back pains around the time this all started but it went away after a day. But other than the back pins, everything else is still hanging around. All to the end of period. Except it got worse. I’ve been vomiting a little here and there. My boobs hurt to touch and the fatigue. I can barely go a day without a nap (Which is hard due to my 1 year old) I was fine throughout the day before this. I know people say “you can’t have a period and be pregnant” but has anyone experienced this and actually been pregnant? I didn’t have my usual period cramps that I ALWAYS have. Idk it’s just weird. I know I could be over thinking it and it could be normal. But my period wasnt really heavy like usual Usually it starts really heavy all the way till the last day. This time it started off really light. I didn’t need a pad or anything the first 2 days. Day 3 it got pretty heavy where I had to change every hour or 2 then it lightened up to spotting the next few days