Miscarriage On Wednesday


So I had my first doctors appointment on a Tuesday of this week then I miscarried the very next day! At my first appt they only asked me lists of questions and took my blood. They did not do a Pap smear nor did they do and ultrasound. I was about 7 weeks. I was at work and started spotting then the blood got worse. Immediately left work And went to the hospital. The did Pap and Vaginal & regular ultrasound. I left the hospital with a diagnosis of a threatened miscarriage. Now I called the Drs office first before I had the Miscarriage she said it was nothing. But I decided to go to the hospital anyways. The very next day I called the doctors office to get a follow up appt I was told the doctor was booked up and they Would have to call me back later today to see where they could squeeze me in. Well nobody called me back until today. They asked me to come in and sign a medical release form to get ultrasound pics from hospital. So I did then I get a call hours later stating oh the Dr said they didn’t necessarily say you had a Miscarriage and they just said nothing is inside the sac and you can still be pregnant😡 I’m like what? Yeah come in on Monday to have your blood drawn again and we scheduled you appt for Tuesday. Dr just want to make sure your not pregnant and keep the ultrasound appt that we scheduled for you on Oct 2nd cause you may still be pregnant. The doctor at the hospital told me it’s 99% most likely a miscarriage. I’m like has anyone gone threw this type of crap from a doctors office? I’m like is it still the slight possibility that I may still be pregnant any thoughts? This is already emotionally hard! 😥