32w6d babe

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*long story short kinda lol*

So on September 3rd I went to L&D for cramping and back pain - they said it was a bladder infection then sent me home. The next day I felt a little better and got more sleep. Well on the 4th and 5th the pain started to get worse and I could hardly sleep. On the 6th I had an OB appointment and NST...I asked the tech doing the NST if I was having contractions and she said no and I had a feeling she was wrong. Well end of the NST she comes back and tells I’m having contractions and my OB wants me to have an ultrasound to check my cervix. So I go in the waiting room and finally get my ultrasound and the ultrasound tech couldn’t even find my cervix...now I had to wait to see my OB and when I got in I told him the tech couldn’t find my cervix so he told me to change so he could check me. He used the tool to open up my cooch and immediately took it out and told me to go to the hospital immediately because he could see my membranes.

Once I got to the hospital they immediately got me into a room and tilted the bed so I was more on my head to keep the pressure off of my cervix. Baby girl was breech and they didn’t want my water to break and cause a cord prolapse. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 4-5 and was given steroids and so many meds to try to stop the contractions but baby girl just wanted to come into the world. I got my epidural pretty quickly and ended up feeling contractions even with the epidural so my mom asked for me to be checked again and sure as hell I dilated more and I was a 6. The OB at the hospital called my OB and nurses and the doctors came into my room telling me it was time for my csection because baby was coming.

When we got into the OR room and onto the operating table I felt like I was going to fall off and it was so stressful. My anesthesiologist was awesome and played Green Day for me the whole time and talked to me and my hubby while we waited for them to tell me baby girl was finally here. I felt so much pressure and pushing and tugging it was such an odd sensation. They had to stop mid section to give me more meds because I started feeling pain. I will never forget the feeling of the surgery.

Miss Luna Jane came into the world at 5:49am on September 7th and was transferred to a better hospital and spent 8 days in the NICU. She weighed 5lbs 11oz and was 18.11in.

I was released the day after my csection and immediately went to see Luna at the hospital almost an hour away from the hospital I delivered at. The NICU was 2 hours from where I live and we went every day except one. Leaving my baby was so hard and I’ve never cried so much in my life but I am so happy she made it into the world safely and that she’s okay.