It hurts so bad down there..😒😒😒😒


Sorry for the long post. So last tues I went for 39 weeks appointment and my doc checked my cervix to see if I have progressed or not. At 38 weeks I was 0 cm dilated with no effacement and cervix was close and high. This time also I have not progressed. Last time When he checked I felt uncomfortable and painful but for 2 hrs and then gradually it went away but this time it hurt so bad for last 4 days I am not able to walk or sit it hurt so bad down there. The pain is not continuous when I lie down i don’t feel any pain but when I stand or sit or try to walk a sharp knife of pain comes back.

Just wanted to know if anyone have faced similar issue?

Note- called doc after 2 days coz I wasn’t able to bear the pain, he said its normal and may be my body is getting ready for labor.