Natural Birth Control options?

So I've recently become sexually active and I want to do more to be safe during sex than just using a condom. I just have a weird thing about putting hormones into my body, I'd rather not do that.

I know the copper coil doesn't release hormones in your body so I was leaning towards that, but then I heard that it can make your periods more painful and your bleeding heavier. My periods are already painful enough so the idea of it getting worse really scares me.

I was looking into the bar implant but that releases hormones in you and it has some severe side effects which has put me off of that idea. I really don't want to be on the pill.

My parents don't know that I'm sexually active (I'm of legal age don't worry! My mum's just old fashioned) and I'd just rather them not find out through me getting severe side effects from a birth control. Also, my mum knows when my period comes and stuff like that because I've had really tough periods growing up so she just tracks it with me to make sure I'm alright and doing what I need to do to make sure the symptoms don't get too bad (drinking boiled ginger water every morning the week before your period). So if my period stops or gets heavier because of a birth control she'll know.

I really don't know what I should do. Some advice would be greatly appreciated!