Venting needed!


So Friday was my husbands cousins boxing fight. Originally I was going to go but was going to work, long story short i decided to take off work but told my husband to take his friend instead unless he really wants me to go. On Thursday night I had a total panic attack about not being prepared are the upcoming baby’s arrival. He has been nothing but lazy about everything (preparing the house for the baby). So Friday all day I spent with our 2.5 yr old daughter. Fight was over at 11pm it’s not going to be 4am and he isn’t home saying he is hanging out. But we have all these plans he made to do things around the house this weekend. I know I will loose my shit if he even says he is tired or whatever once. I’m always the one who is with our daughter all day (I do work night shifts as a nurse) he works days so when he comes home he spends few hours with her that’s it. Weekends he is great with her and takes over mostly. I’m so exhausted and panicked about the new baby arrival and he just doesn’t seem to be. But he has all these ideas and plans on how to do things. Anyways I’m annoyed and I’ve only slept all of 4 hours every night for the last 2 weeks and it’s wearing on me.