80+ Questions to ask your Wedding Venue??!!


I began to draft an email to our two preferred restaurants for our super small wedding. I thought to outline the essential details & few key needs. We’re pretty laid back/low stress but I thought I might google “questions to ask wedding venue”, thinking there’d be a top 15-20 list.


Results got bigger and bigger the further down the Google results page... The Top 25 Questions, 31 Questions to Ask, 72 Questions to Ask, 75 Questions to Ask... then Our GIANT List of Important Questions to Ask Wedding Venues. Clicked on it. Here’s what it said:

I’m thinking if I were a venue and received an 80-question email about a wedding, unless it were a Shah or Sheikh planning an 800+-person shindig with fireworks and swans and EltonJohn and his damned piano being helicoptered in... I’d stay the heck away!!!

But seriously, are people asking potential venues 40+ questions? Am I just super relaxed?