30 weeks pregnant. Should I be worried?

So I’m 30 weeks pregnant ftm and I work at a Long Term Care facility as a Personal Support worker, Last night my partner and I were transferring this lady into bed using the sit to stand lift and this lady is in her 90s and like 175 -200 pounds, she somehow slipped out of the sling and started falling I caught her and held her up and got her on the bed without thinking. I just didn’t want her hitting the ground because she was three feet up in the air and probably would have broken a hip. Now i woke up and I’m in the worst pain of my life. My belly is cramping and it feels like I need to use the washroom but nothing comes out and my lower back and side and left hip hurt so much. The pain is making me feel nauseated. I don’t know if I should go into the hospital or not because my baby is still kicking and the pain is probably just from catching the lady but I’m still not sure.