What’s wrong with my dad?


When me and dad were on our way home, he told that my step mom went through my stuff and saw my birth control I was talking. I looked at him and got mad, and asked why did she go through my stuff? ( after I went to the hospital before of her because she abused me, we all made an agreement that she was never to touch me talk to me or boss me around, there for nothing to have anything with me) he said that it didn’t matter I was like yes it does, WE ALL made an agreement and she broke it!!! Then he said why are you taking birth control? I was like dad, you know I’m sexually active and I want to be double safe and he got mad so did I and then he made the statement that “all women who use birth control are stupid” that reallllyyyy set me off, I stated yelling at him that he was wrong, that what’s wrong with protecting yourself?? If you don’t want kids your going to protect yourself to make sure you don’t get pregnant, as this point he started causing me out and I cried.... it hurt coming from my dad... I don’t know what to be more upset about the fact that he called me stupid or that fact that the women is invading my privacy