missed period, when to test?

for the first time since i’ve been off of birth control, i missed my period this month. i was on the morena IUD for 2.5 years and i have been off of BC since July 13,2018. i’m 5 days late and i have been feeling awful.. i’ve been super nauseous yet hungry as hell (i know that sounds weird) but i can’t bring myself to eat because well you know... i feel overly nauseous.

i just went to use the restroom and when i wiped it was very light pink... no

cramps or any other sign of my period. i just wanted to know when would it be safe to take a pregnancy test? i ovulated at the beginning of this month, i just don’t want to take my test too early... i’ve been trying forever baby #1 for the longest so i’m praying that this is finally it 😩