Please help on call DR wont talk to me yet!

So I just found out were pregnant last week. I am around 5 weeks this week I believe. My first appt is Thursday. I tried to call the on call Dr and they wont answer my question because my Dr hasnt see n me yet! Im freaking out and im making myself crazy. So I have been ovulating from my left ovary past few months. Ive had mild cramping here and there with occasional dull ache from left ovary. Ive also had some mild low back pain. Nothing has been excruciating yet no spotting/bleeding as of yet im just terrified of an ectopic pregnancy😪 why would I get a dull ache on one side and especially the ovary I ovulated from:( can someone please tell me this is normal. I cant afford to go to the ER just to ask a question 😕

Thank you all❤️