Can it truly work? For either women?

If you meet a man who cheated on his women to be with you got you pregnant, left her to be with you while they also have kids, then cheats on you, getting her pregnant again, AND YOU! Stays with you threw the pregnancy and birth, while taking nothing to do with hers, then after babies are born, leaves you, is casual seeing her (unbeknown to you) then comes back to you, gets you pregnant, 3 months in, leaves you, goes back to her, then 5months on sfter the birth of your baby, comes looking back with you, While PRETENDING to have still been with her all the while, but hasn't really been. Oh god that really is so fucked up. Which women does he actually love here? Would either of these relationships ever even work out. This is a friends dilemma peeps, so don't bash on me, just need to show her sense.