Can't tell if this pain is my IBS or Braxton hicks


Prior to pregnancy the only way I could tell the difference between IBS and my menstrual cramps was tracking my period and even then during that about week and a half every month it was more just like hurting twice as many times a day I couldn't say ow that was a period cramp or ow that was an IBS pain.

I'll add that untill about two weeks ago I didn't even realize you could have Braxton hicks this early. Some non ftm's reporting it at 16 weeks!

So now when I have that extreme pressure, cramping , pain, that sometimes puts me in tears ... I'm like was that IBS or BH???

I have heard if you're having more than 10 per hour you should call your doc, so as you am imagine, not being able to tell the difference has me nervous.

If you have IBS and are not new to this whole pregnancy thing I'd like to know how you can tell the difference...

*side note* I have come to realize I have an incredibly low pain tolerance when it comes to internal pain so I think I might die during labor.. (not really of course)