Separated and dating (still legally married)

Karla • 28 years young. Matteo, March 2018 👶🏼💙

Looking for advice.

I am legally married, but separated. Have been for about 6 months. I just recently felt comfortable enough to throw myself back out there. I met this guy on a dating sight and we really hit it off. We text everyday, but have only met once. I told him I have a son and he seemed a bit hesitant at first but he continued to talk to me. In the beginning I told him specifically "I am separated and have been for 6 months" his next question was if i was on and off with my sons father and I told him no, it was completely over. So i havent directly told him that I am married. My friend went through a similar situation and she said her now husband knew she was married. She told me I did nothing wrong; I was honest by saying I am separated. And to tell him that I am married if I really see potential in the relationship.

Is this okay? I feel like in one way she is right, but in another way I feel a bit guilty bcus he is a great guy. Opinions?? Anyone go through a similar situation?