Feeling Good After Speaking Up


I have a friend who has a history of doing things that were insensitive to my ttc process. From directly sending me belly pics during her pregnancy, personally letting me know when other ppl are pregnant and how much of a blessing it is for them (ppl I’m not even close to), sending way too many pics of her baby while I was struggling, to most recently texting that her baby took his first steps - meanwhile knowing that I recently suffered a miscarriage. I snapped. I told her how insensitive it was to send updates and if I wanted updates I would look to social media which I deleted. Needless to say I’ll be distancing myself from this person.

It felt good to speak up and call out someone’s persistent insensitivity and it’s a reminder that we don’t need to surround ourselves by people who are anything but supportive especially during such a delicate time. I’m sending positive vibes to everyone here and hope that you’re all surrounded by nothing but supportive people 🙏🏽🙌🏽

Update question: Did I overreact?? I think this has been building over time with her and if it wasn’t for the history of feeling she’s insensitive I likely would not have snapped at her. I miscarried just over a week ago and am in a bit of a sensitive place.