Pregnancy test line progression: bleeding scare


Hey Guys, So I got a positive test at 10 DPO but lately have been getting bleeding since my pelvic exam. I did a pelvic exam 3 days ago and I had light spotting yesterday and the day before yesterday but I just want to make sure that the line is getting darker . Shouldn't the line be solid at this point because it's still a little bit faint??

10 DPO:

Taken 12-13 DPO

Taken today 6 days after missed period:

Update: I have already seen a doctor 4 days ago but have not received my results. After I saw a doctor I started the bleeding (after the pelvic exam ). I noticed some blood right after and continued spotting for 2 days. my doctor is closed now but will get another appointment soon. I will retest using the last pink test again tomorrow .