Biggest Clot Yet + Horrible Cramps Should I Be Worried?

GRAPHIC BLOODCLOT PIC. This is the biggest clot I have ever seen so far (have always had some pretty bad clotting but always smaller than or about same size of a quarter as they say) & was accompanied by the WORST period cramps I have literally ever had In my life (like, I have had heart attacks & I save the “10” from the 1-10 pain scale for like, shot-with-a-gun pain & I can still say, hands down, that it was a 10 on the first day this week. I was literally crying i was in so much pain & it lasted for the entire first day - but then suddenly became more manageable on day two & felt like I had no reason to worry (like it was probably just a bad period & I’m getting older / hitting that phase when women say they get rough) - until I passed this clot. Now I’m wondering if I should be concerned / bag it & go to the hospital or just stay home since the pain has mostly gone down? Advice much appreciated 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 sorry for the graphic pic