So we've recently switched to formula at 7 weeks. Baby usually drinks 4-5oz at 8pm and sleeps till 1:30-2am. Then will drink 3oz, I make 4 but she rarely finishes it. Then she's up at 3-3:30am again and drinks another 3oz! Which is ridiculous to me since she won't finish the 4oz bottle, sleeps an hr then wakes up screaming bloody murder and takes the bottle like she's starved. Sleeps again till 6:30-7am 3-4oz bottle. Sometimes she'll go back to sleep again till 8-8:30. Or gets up at 7:30. Then naps between 9:30-10:30. Then up till 1ish then a big nap of 2-3hrs. Then up till 4-5 then a short nap then playtime,bath,bottle and bed. Fairly consistent routine but Just wondering why she's not drinking more at once like at bedtime and up so often in the am hrs.