Summer Romance


I hate such nights. The smell of the sea. Hourly embrace. Cigarette smoke. His lips close to mine. His forbidden lips. His question "What?" and my silent smile. Alarm clock. A kiss at the wrong time, from the wrong person. What?

It’s another evening today. The end of August. I slowly walked to the blinds and twirled a chain in my hands, lost in thoughts. I was returned to reality by a light bite on the neck and a low voice: "I can’t do this anymore." I caught his hands on my waist, the sweet smell drove me crazy. "L, no," I whispered, exhaling and releasing his hands, contradicting myself.

With a finger, he led my chin to his face, smiling tenderly. We both had the same smile at the lake two months ago when none of us dared for a kiss. This time it's different. This time, WE can not do this anymore. I brought my lips closer to his, feeling hot breath and looking in his eyes. We immediately merged into a tender, sugary kiss, the one that all fairy tales talk about. L took my hand and we began to dance slowly until I came across the desk of the reception. With a light movement, he sat me on the counter and ran his hand over my knee. I shuddered. What I dreamed of all summer is happening now, but I couldn’t even move. For a minute we just looked at each other and smiled, slow music played in the background, the office smelled like cologne. Our silence was interrupted by a phone call. I answered and felt wet lips on my neck. I was thrown into a fever, but it was necessary to remain calm, because now I'm at work. The kisses descended to my collarbones, biting the top of my dress, L lowered it just below my chest. I wrapped him with my legs, continuing the phone conversation and answering questions from curious clients. L took the phone from my hand and put it back in place. He stopped my revolts with a hot kiss, squeezing my chest with one hand and pressing me into him with the other. I bit his lower lip and ran a hand over his thigh, feeling the tension in the dark jeans. With his free hand, L lifted the hem of my dress and held his fingers over my already wet panties. I bit my lip and giggled. He raised an eyebrow and began to caress me. I moaned and squeezed his rock hard cock through jeans, rising my legs higher. His hot fingers slipped over my soft lips and clit, occasionally entering and teasing me. A devilish smile deprived me of the last drop of control over myself. I unleashed his belt, biting J's shoulder. He groaned quietly and inserted his fingers into me. Running a hand inside his jeans, I began to return the pleasure of his fingers, feeling how hard he wants me. My neck burned from kisses, I felt a shiver in the lower abdomen. L ran his fingers over my pussy and put them in my mouth. I licked them, sucking and feeling his cock conquering me, and his other hand holding my thigh. We merged into a kiss again, caressing each other's tongues. Time stopped, emptiness filled with quiet moans and the smell of sex. Our movements were slow, as if we were afraid that with every harsh thrust we would start waking up. The cold slippery material of the desk contrasted with our flushing bodies. The last kiss was akin to a farewell. It was sweet, but with a bitter taste. I felt the warmth inside. Holding me tight and kissing my shoulder, L whispered: "Fuck, why aren’t you mine." I smiled, burying my face in his neck: "I’ll miss you." Our embrace lasted forever. It’s another evening today.