Just feeling so down😞

Lottie • Baby Olivia born 7/3/19💛

So I’m 16+3 bit just feeling so crap in myself and about my life😩 I have a good life me and my boyfriend have a house, enough money and a baby on the way! I just feel

So down all the time I’m off work at the moment down to the sickness and exhaustion I’m getting but I’m fed up of looking at the same 4 walls! I visit my mother and Nan daily just to get out of the house but now the other half is moaning I’m not there to do the housework because he works 8-4 and says he can’t do it all. I can’t describe how else I feel but say I’m fed up😩😩😭 I’ve told him this but he just had a go down the phone and now I want to cry again😭😭