Have u experienced female blue balls ?

Female blue balls is actually, a thing some say blue bean . But it’s the same damn thing , men have always used the excuse “oh you’re gonna give me blue balls” but what they have yet to come to realize feminine blue balls hurt too . Bcuz when you become “turned on” you need to be turned off . Have u ever experienced an achy vagina of get cramps when you haven’t gotten to your climax, maybe you think you got there but when all is said and done you feel “full” “bloated” “fat” oh ya you have experienced the pain of feminine blue balls . When is female become aroused our nerve ending basically light on fire down there and if we don’t climax or at-least get something done we can be in a lot of pain.

Don’t be ashamed of finishing it yourself.

Play there words against them in the end bcuz it’s true feminine blue balls are a thing and they fucking hurt !

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