Could I be?


( this is a long story sorry πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

Hello ladies, so I’m a bit confused because of my situation, I had sex 2 days before ovulation, no protection. I went on no signs or anything but when it was time for my period I was 2 days late and then when I received my period it was only for about a solid full day then really light bleeding and then a few spots, like I had a full day bleeding, I’d say about less than a half day light bleeding and then some spotting , the spotting was so light that I did not even wear a tampon during and only changed my panties like 2 times ( tmi I know sorry ☹️) altogether I must of only went through maybe 5 tampons not even filled. Then after the 2 days it was essentially gone completely ( one spot on he 3rd day) I tested one day after my period went away because I was very confused but the test came negative, but it has been about 10 days now and my period is yet to return, I can’t test for 4 more days because I am out of country for a bit. While I’ve been here I’ve experienced some headaches, and light cramping, also a bit of moodiness. I know 3 women who have already told me they experienced the same thing but idk I’m still a bit skeptical and scared ( aha I’m only 19 πŸ˜…) Any similar stories ? Should I retest after I got the negative?