Who was/is sicker with 2nd pregnancy?

Charisse • Follower of Jesus Christ. Married . Leila 5.3.14 ❤️ Connor 4.29.19

This second pregnancy is KICKING MY TAIL! I was nowhere near this sick with my daughter. With her I was finishing school, walking everyday, exercising, and so happy and energetic. This time I'm literally the complete opposite. I'm tired all the time, wanna be in bed all day, grumpy, hungry but afraid to eat because of nausea, and just lazy. Haven't cooked, cleaned, or has sex with my husband. Everything is just the worst. I'm over it.

And for those of you who love commenting things like, " be grateful, you'll take the nausea anyday over mc, or something else that has nothing to do with my post- please dismiss yourself)

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