I need advice about status of pregnancy test


Okay, so two days late so I took a test last night. Didn't pee on it long enough (which seems stupid and almost like an impossible thing to not do), so hubs turned in upward. I know this is not how you take a test, but thought I would humor him. Going to throw it away and was going to take another one in the morning...but guys there was 2 lines! So waited to pee again and took another and there was the faintest line there... But I know a true negative test typically only shows one evil little line *so really now, what does THIS mean?!? Am I pregnant...really??* So we went and bought a Clear Blue Easy 2 pack with regular test and a digital one to take this morning and both read negative... I am wrecked. I have cried all day, I was so convinced that I was going to wake up, take a proper test and see two lines... But those faint lines are haunting my thoughts from last night. What are your thoughts on this? Am I still holding out foolishly? Should I wait to take another one if no period by Thursday or resign myself to no baby this month? Help me put my mind at ease please!