My toxic family.. long post..

Maddi • FTM🤰

I know it takes a village to raise a baby. I also know it should be a strong village. By village I mean family. I’m 26 weeks pregnant, I’m an identical twin and my family lives walking distance from us. My sister(twin) live in a condo together, have lived together all our lives, moved out of moms since we were 18yrs old. We are now 23. I (now) live with my twin sister and my boyfriend(baby’s father). My boyfriend mind you this saved me. I use to party, do drugs, barely show up to work.. now I work 40hours a week, I am out of debt, I am cleaner with every aspect of my life. However, my twin sister is still the happy go wild, do crazy shit type of girl. She invites friends over late night without talking to us, she never helps clean up, buy groceries, chores anything, late on bills etc..she also has a sour personality where she growls when she’s angry, punches holes in the walls and throws herself on the ground for attention. Yes, like a child. Our lease is up in 5 months.. baby is due in >3mo. Today I gave her the heads up that our little family will be moving elsewhere, to a bigger place so baby can have her own room. My sister is NOT happy with us.. I went to talk to my mom, who has been enabling these behavior (by giving her anything she needs because she’s afraid my sister will harm herself) money, tires, literally you name it.. NOW IM PUBLIC ENEMY #1 to my entire family.. they think I’m giving up on her, when I’m just trying to make it safer environment for mom told me I was wrong to tell her now, it could’ve waited but had I waited my sister wouldn’t have any money saved up and it would’ve been told I should’ve told her sooner. I CANNOT WIN. I feel like honestly they don’t see her as a problem because they don’t live with her but they also don’t want to do anything about it.. I mean we are adults. I cannot live with her for the rest of my life and she’s not changing. It’s just getting worse and worse closer time for the baby. Idk what to do you guys😩