Pregnancy after Ectopic

Tianna • 👦🏾12/14/12 ; 👼🏽 7/21/2018 ; Ectopic 👼🏽 10/1/18 ; pregnant with #2 due Aug 2019

My doctor advised me I was having a miscarriage on Friday and to come back in a week for them to do a recount in my levels. My blood was taken on Tuesday and levels were at 56, Thursday they were 85 which is not a normal increase for a viable pregnancy. Over the weekend I bled and had a little cramp nothing majorly different than my previous miscarriage in July but last night everything changed. I was washing dishes and started to get a very sharp pain in my stomach I thought maybe I just over did it by cleaning and cooking and laundry since I had pretty much been in the bed all week. The pain then got more and more intense to the point I could lay down nor could I sit down it just hurt too bad. I went to the ER where they concluded after an ultrasound, pelvic exam and lab work that i was most likely experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. My hormone levels had gone from 85 Thursday to 119 Sunday again not a viable increase but had to be something causing the increase. The ultrasound showed an empty gestational sac and a mass on my left Fallopian tube. I underwent a laparoscopy where it was confirmed that it was an ectopic which had began to rupture (cause of all the pain I was experiencing) and my left tube was removed. My right tube and ovary is perfectly healthy but I was just wondering how many woman have experienced a normal delivery after a ectopic pregnancy. It’s so much for me to take in I don’t think it’s even fully hit me what all went on.