Blessed pt 2.


So, when I tell you that me and him are the "relationship goals" I don't mean that in a joking way.. before I got with him, NEVER would I have pictured ME with a man like him. Someone so attractive yet so sweet and funny. We just walk around and have had so many strangers tell us that were such a beautiful couple and that we're "goals". But what I mean by that is.. we've done cheesy stuff. We've done the 4th of July and New year's kiss. We've done all the fall activities.. were planning on carving our pumpkins for the first time together, and then going ice skating in the winter and going to look at Christmas lights. Idk. It's just stuff that I'VE never gotten to do and that I've always viewed as "goals".. anyways. One of the first times we were hanging out before being official. I had/have SEVERE anxiety.. and I remember, we had just had a great night, and we were driving home, and I all of a sudden had this tickle in the back of my throat, I tried to cough it away but it wouldn't leave, I began to gag so I asked him to pull over, I jumped out of the car and ran to the ditch and thought I was gonna puke.. I didn't but I just stood there and started to cry.. I was so embarrassed.. but I went back to the car, I wouldn't look at him and I just apologized.. thinking he was gonna be done with me. I didn't think he'd be able to handle my panic attacks. But instead, he pulls me to him, and rubs my hair. Tells me everything is ok. Then he took me home, and he hugged me tight.. and that's the night we shared our first kiss. I felt so safe and comfortable with him.. well now, it's 3 years later and it's still like that. The other day, I was feeling emotional. No explanation, I just was. And he turned and looked at me and just knew. He said "what's wrong?" I teared up and said "I don't know" so he got up, and he laid down and said "do you need to cry" I said no but he pulled me to his chest and said "it's okay, just let it all out" and so I did. Idk. These posts were random, but my point is that I'm so forever grateful for a man who knows when I'm not okay, and who can accept me and my flaws and be there for me when I can't pick myself up. He has loved me and stuck with me through all of my downs, but has given me so many ups. I am blessed. And I am so in love. And I just wanted to share my fairytale come to life with you guys. 😊💙