Some advice please

Hi guys so a little background story when I was 9 months pregnant I found out my husband was cheating on me with some girl 2 weeks after I confronted him I had our daughter. I felt robbed of all the joy that I could have experienced but because I was so upset I just wasn’t happy. We always tried to make things work for the baby but now almost 2 years later lately thing have gotten worst I’m starting to feel like I can’t trust him. Sometimes he does things that are shady and I question him but he promises me up and down that nothing is going on and that ever since the baby was born he promised he would never do it again. I know the saying once a cheater always a cheater and trust me I use to live by that before I had my daughter but now I don’t know what to do. I’m a stay at home and I feel like I need some guidance. I haven’t spoken to my family about it because whatever I decide I don’t want to tarnish his image before I know what I’m doing. Thanks for letting me vent I haven no one else to talk to