Breastfeeding help please

Hi mamas , I’m pregnanct with my second baby and during my first baby I got mastitis twice.

Quick back story. ( I have breast implants ) idk if that makes a difference however when I got mastitis the first time they gave me antibiotics and it went away however I still had this lump, I told my doctor about it and he advised I continued to breastfeed etc. I did, however I got mastitis again and the lump tripled in size , I was sent to er to get surgery and had to go under anesthesia to drain the 8 cm abcess. Which had to heal from the inside out which was so gnarly and just a horrible experience. When I went to the doctor I asked if there was any medicine to stop breast milk before my babies born and they said no. They told me I would be prone to getting the abscesses again however I’m starting to turn into the direction of trying to breastfeed again. I just see so many other moms do it with no problems. It just makes me so sad and fearful of experiencing something so painful again.

It lasted for over a month and I had 104 fever the first 4 weeks postpartum. Any help or advice please.