Chemical Pregnancy (HELP ME😰)


I’ve had regular cycles all year normally between the 15th and 20th of each month except In August ATF never came. I was experiencing all types of pregnancy symptoms From bloating to nausea metallic taste in mouth sore breasts and tiredness. I had light spotting that lasted a day and a half( which I thought could of been implantation bleeding) I was for sure I had to be pregnant but I took multiple pregnancy test (the $1 test from Walmart) they were all negative except one which I thought had a faint positive line so I scheduled an appointment which wasn’t till sept 19th( I assumed by then if I am pregnant it would show when they test me) but on sept 4th ATF showed up SO when I went to my appointment my doctor explained I may have had what’s called a chemical pregnancy which was explained as a very early miscarriage😔 it’s now October I’m experiencing some of the same symptoms and ATF is due October 4th per glow,could this chemical pregnancy be happening again😩 I would like to have a real pregnancy this time HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE??? WHAT WAS YOUR OUTCOME????