Formula feeding judgement?

Hi ladies!

My little girl is almost 2 weeks old and has been having a mix of formula and breast milk. She spent her first week in NICU so they would feed her with the breastmilk I would bring in and supplement with formula, which is what we’ve also been doing at home since my supply is okay but not great enough to have a stockpile of storage.

Our girl started having bad reflux a few days ago and struggling to sleep after feedings. We got anticolic bottles which seem to be helping, burping more often, etc. but since breastmilk is lighter, she’s always hungry after latching and when we supplement, I can’t tell if she’s overeating and making her reflux worse.

We’re going to talk to the pedi at our appointment on Friday and I’m going to ask them if it’s okay to exclusively formula feed. Did any of you experience judgement from your pedi for formula feeding? As a FTM everyone pushes breastfeeding so hard (which is understandable) and I LOVE the closeness of my baby latching but I hate watching her writhe and grunt all night long. The mixture of breastmilk/formula or the possible overeating could be unrelated but there’s no way to know at this point. I want relief for her so bad and at least with formula we can track her intake and give her some consistency to her feedings to try to help her tummy. Will her pedi be upset or judge us for formula feeding? I know this is a silly question but I just want to do what’s best for my nugget and I don’t know what to expect when we talk to the doctor in a few days.