Hi guys, so here’s the story and I hope to get a second opinion.

Basically I got Kyleena inserted on July 25th of this year, I had my bleed on the 29th right after. Although it did last 2 weeks. After that period, the following month of August on the 29 I had my period again. Normal cycle. Again 2 weeks. September rolls around and I decide to have sex during the middle of the month on September 16, iud and condom for contraceptives. Oddly right after sex I had spotting for four days just brownish mixed with blood and then that had stopped. Maybe because of irritation? September 29 comes around (the day I’m supposed to get my period) and nothing. I’m 3-4 days late now and I have just cramps and no bleeding. I’m so confused. I had placement checked the previous month and everything so this iud should be good. Plus I’ve only had sex 2 times since getting it and used a condom also. (August 17 and then September 16) I took a test on the day of my expected period and it was negative. I have bad anxiety so if someone could give me advice that would be awesome. Do I call the doctor? Test again? Wait it out? I’m just so confused and stressed. Someone please get back to me with a second opinion.