Vaccinations....a huge profit.

Global annual revenue for vaccinations. CDC doesn't care about your health, they care about the money. The employees and doctors don't even vaccinate. One hexavalent vaccine brings in $84 to just the doctor. No wonder your doctor pushes it. He must push enough vaccines to get his annual bonus from Blue Cross. We're told to watch our seafood intake during pregnancy because of the Mercury..... But then the baby is born and we just freely inject them with it. But, 'its safe' a baby weighing 14 pounds or 8 pounds.... Same dose. A baby with an underlying health problem that may not be visible yet..... Same dose. You're not supposed to give the baby Tylenol before a vaccine because they aren't able to detox from it correctly. Why would it be normal for a baby to be extra tired from a vaccine all the next few days? Because their brain is swelling. Encephalitis causes fever and fatigue. So yeah, vaccinations are so safe. No. The risk is not enough consequence to let billions of dollars go to waste.