Cholestasis help


So today I had itching on the palm of my hands , legs and back. So I went to my doctor and they took my blood pressure it was high 140/97 told me to go to er. I went there and they took some test on pre Eclampsia which came back normal. My blood pressure was okay there. They did testing for Cholestasis which takes about 3 days to come back. They discharged me. I got home and I feel terrible usually I have so much energy. I feel like I can’t breathe , my right upper hurts under the boob and extreme itching on my hands. I don’t have energy and don’t feel like talking to anyone and can’t walk I feel like I’ll fall . My husband took my blood pressure at home which is 132/88. I don’t know what to do . Should o go back to the emergency?? Help me out. I’m also 37 weeks pregnant.