This tornado touched down next door to my job


This was taken at a Walmart parking lot not even like a mile away from my job and it touched down next door to my job. It was very brief. These storms were really weird and these tornados popped out of nowhere with no warning pretty much and disappeared just as quickly.

And I just need y’all to know something about Oklahoma

Lord nobody out here gives a shit about these tornados. Basically, we only hide if it’s THERE. ABOVE YOU.

Some will not even do that they’ll just sit in their yard and be like “ITS A NADER YALL”

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL. The man taking this video is literally like.. “that’s a little baby ternada. check it out. Watch it go. Woo”

👀👀 and then you see a person just calmly walking back out to their car like “just another damn day at Walmart in Oklahoma”

ALSO NO I WAS not at work. I was at home. This was before we even opened.

Shit man. I do not belong here. I’ve lived here my whole life and I would be GONE so quick if I saw that shit.