Cant believe i said it


So I'm pregnant with a little girl I'm 19 years old and my fiance is 21 we haven't had the greatest relationship but it's come to the point where I told him that I didn't want to get married anymore we were planning on getting married before our daughter was born in March but I don't think he's ready when you make those vows when you say those vows you are making that vow that you are going to be honest and loyal and trustworthy but he can't help but lie and then make up excuses of why he lied he could sit there and lie to my face 5 times in a row in less than a minute about small petty stuff I don't think he's ready to get married and I don't want to get married to somebody like that I want somebody who's going to tell me the truth and be honest with me and be loyal part of being loyal is telling the truth yes sometimes the truth hurts but lying to protect you from the truth hurts more I feel like I did the right thing but I also feel like I did the wrong thing did I go wrong was I in the wrong